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Spreading the Power

March 21, 2015

It’s a riddle without a solution really; well, unless you call disaster a solution. Let me explain.

Americans will remember the old days during the time of Joe the Plumber when the slogan became “Spreading the Wealth” and what followed on that. Spreading the Power was the real purpose as you will soon see, and live to regret it.

Wise countries with governments that care for and love their countries don’t spread the power. That’s why you will find that Russia, China, Japan and a few others will contain power in the hands of their race. Show me an African-Russian or a Kenyan Chinaman and I will swallow my ignorance on the matter. I dare you, show me.

Australia is another one to watch; they have no idea or desire to accept or adopt African-Australians. They are perfectly happy with keeping power in the hands of Australians.

You will find that Canadians seem to be making a stand; there will soon be a Post on that.

America and England are now at risk and may fall before this half century ends in 2060. England is doomed for it to happen long before that.

Wake up America, the balance of power in your land is so close to the point of tipping the scales and you ending up an African country before you know it. Another two years of the Kenyan and one more term for the Democrats ought to do it.

Take my advice. There is only one possibility to save your bacon. Take all those Mexican Americans including the currently illegal Mexican immigrants and make them full-fledged Americans voting for the Republican Party. Let me give you the proof: you won’t find one single Mexican-African or African-Mexican anywhere in the World. Try me on this one.

Mexicans are simply too smart to fall for the African bit; the two don’t mix at all. Mexicans are workers; that’s all they want to do. The terms [words] Africans and work are incongruent with each other.

You can still save America if you follow my advice. If you don’t I will send you what you will become when Africanized, in all the ugly graphical detail that is now playing off in South Africa. Even the Liberal Whites are now fleeing the Country. Surely you should know about Alan Paton; read this link; read it ten times if you have to: