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Velocity Trade Worldwide exposes the Vegetarian Shark Myth

November 10, 2014

A fellow name of Tony Leon while he was Opposition Leader in South African Politics once said that looking for an honest ANC Politician is like looking for or training the great white man-eater shark to adopt vegetarian eating habits.

In finance around the World the worst elements you can think of have now been exposed in share and derivative Traders working through a World Wide Group under the name of Velocity Trade. They have their offices around the Globe but also canvass to work through Partnerships with other “independent or smaller Traders” who can use their investment programs to “trade direct on line live’ in major Stock Exchanges. The mother Company is given out to be operating from Toronto Canada.

Their main gimmick is in trading CFD derivatives. If you receive an email with a large colorful brochure inviting you to a “Webinar” [a lovely NewSpeak word of their Hi-Tech abilities] to show you how to grow your 50 thousand bucks into 500 thousand smackers in one year, be on the lockout; you are about to lose your 50 thousand in a matter of two or three months.

It’s a great Scam; that I have to admit. Nedbank, one of South Africa’s largest and highly respected Financial Services Operators is supposed to be backing their systems [so they say]; there is or was once a link with another International Group called Vanguard Securities. It seems that the latter is legit; the Vegetarian Sharks only used the Vanguard name to ride on. The legit Vanguard took legal action and won; the imposters were forced to cease using the Vanguard name and now work under the name of O’Meraki Global Equity and Derivative Traders through the Investment Platform of Velocity Trade on the JSE.

The Vegetarian Shark Group seems to have side-stepped the South African Government Financial Regulators with the use of the CFD product because CFD “derivatives” are not within the regulated fields of investments. The South African Regulators [aka the FSB for Financial Services Board] have no power to act in the case “unregulated crime.”

Don’t part with any money to these Sharks; the moment you do what you are left with are mere entries on a computer chip.

It’s quite a clever scheme; beware and watch for more detail as the investigations continue. If you have fallen for it, get out as much as you can and run.

To be continued; feel free in the meantime to copy and redistribute this; you may be doing your brother or your neighbor a service.