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Velocity Trade and Greg Blank an analogy with a variation Part One

April 26, 2015

Every investor in this world should read this with great care and attention to detail. It tells one version of the culprit crying a river about his unfair prison sentence while everybody was doing the same thing. Take note of the year 1992; the Internet had only been in operation for two or three years at the time.

 Is it plain fraud or greed, or is it a portent of what was to follow? The “innocent fraudster complains about a judge with a personal agenda. You be the judge this time.

 Look who was involved. Old Mutual! What happened to the merry band of thieves working inside Old Mutual? The story was killed with deadly ear-breaking silence.

 Now look at early 2015:

 See: Old Mutual CEO 89.8 million in the above, and then the next one:

 Google Velocity Trade and see what you come up with. This one is a guide:

 Just go and Google for Stern and Old Mutual 2014. That’s another funny story that Greg the innocent will have a gripe about. The story ran for days in the Financial Media pages; Old Mutual moved with lightning speed to get the FSB to remove Stern’s status as an authorized financial advisor from FAIS and then proceeded to kill the story with silence.

 Old Mutual owns Nedbank. Nedbank owns Velocity Trade. Another well-known guy in finance [he runs large things and is in the News everyday] ran a story about Velocity Trade having obtained the sole appointment to the business of some company with the letters MTN in it [I don’t know whether it is our own well-known Hi-Tech MTN Telecom Company] but in the Article Velocity Trade boasts that they have traded in excess of 50 billion every month since start-up in 2008. They also have a vast Network of agents and assorted brokers that bring in the small clients. “Come watch how we Grow 50 thou into 500 thou,” is the logo in blazing color above the Velocity Web name. The truth is that your 500 thou will soon grow into 50 thou if you are one of the lucky ones; takes just three to five months; in most cases it will be 5 thou when they close your account.

 Read this small Website about some of these small clients, and then read what Greg says about ruined lives.

 Some of the small guys got talking of the air. It’s heart-breaking despair.

What is going on at Old Mutual and Nedbank? The Great Silence sits like a massive cast iron lid on the dark hole of the hidden truth in 2015. Greg the fraudster of 1992 may just have a point.

 Please note that this is called Part One in the Headline. More will follow.