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Aristotle Socrates Onassis of Greece

July 10, 2015

Can anyone be more Greek than the names in the Headline?

If you have not read Greek Philosophy in the past read this now that Greece is in the news every day.

The great man once [it was close on fifty years ago] took delivery of three new oil tankers in one transaction with a consortium of banks and an ignoramus of a Western News rag asked him about the cost.

“And why three tankers at the same time,” he asked Onassis, adding “that must have cost you quite a penny.”

“Young man,” said Onassis, “let me explain to you how money works at the banks.”

“The banks, Sir, Mister Onassis,” the young reporter asked.

“Yes, young man,” said Onassis,” I don’t own the new vessels yet. The banks advanced me the money to buy them and I must now make sure that they earn the money for me to pay the banks.”

“But what happens if you can’t pay the money?”

“Let me explain, young man,” said Onassis, “when I asked the bank for 100 million [that was the cost of one tanker at the time] they offered me 300 million so I can buy three tankers. I accepted their offer; the attorneys completed the forms and the banks and I signed, and you have now seen my three new tankers.”

“But Sir, Mister Onassis, what happens if you can’t pay the money back?”

“Young man,” said Onassis, “I can now see why you are only a small reporter for a small Ragazine. Allow me asking you a question?”

That pleased the young reporter. “Sure Sir, fire ahead.”

“OK,” the wise old guy said, “tell me what will happen if you owe the bank 1 000 and you can’t repay it?”

“I shall be in trouble, Sir.”

And if you owe the bank 3 000 and can’t pay?”

“I shall be in big trouble, Sir, Mister Onassis. But I don’t understand your line of questioning. I can’t even buy a small boat with a mini engine for 1 000.”

”Son,’ Onassis said, “that I can understand but you have to understand banks and big money. What do you think will happen if I bought only one tanker for 100 million and can’t pay?”

“I guess you will be in trouble, beg your pardon for saying so, Sir.”

“No, young man, that’s not how banks work. I shall explain it to you in short. If I owed them 100 million for one tanker and can’t pay they will be in trouble. With 300 million on three tankers if I can’t pay they will be in big trouble. That’s also the reason I borrow the money from a consortium of foreign banks for the safety of Greece. They are literally willing to throw us as much money as we ask for.

This comes to you with compliments and acknowledgement for the story to Readers Digest.

In the EU at this time Frau Merkel is in big trouble.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


The common predicament Greece shares with America

July 9, 2015

The entire World Media is focused on Greece and Grexit from the EU right now but I shall only give you two links of the past few days with two entirely different viewpoints by two equally well qualified experts on the subject: 

  1. from the UK Guardian: 

  1. from Fin24 South Africa:

Our country trade with America and Europe; thus we should know.

It’s become a riddle to many but the answer is really very simple.

It’s the inevitable result of the melting pot theory. In the beginning America chucked everything into the pot and it worked for a while but eventually needed buyers to trade with; sitting out there on the other side of the pond made it somewhat difficult.

Europe in the meantime would have nothing of this melting pot business though Russia had tried it for a while. China would have nothing of it whatsoever and America decided Europe was a good place to sell their excess production of armaments to willing European buyers. Ah, said some crazy European, we have to stop the Americans; let us start are own melting pot and keep America at a distance.

Meantime Russia and China made friends with each other; with India and some others in their part of their hemispheres and would not touch melting pots with bargepoles. They worked at it with Australia and pretty soon became self-sufficient; then they moved into Africa in a big way and now virtually control all trade in the eastern Hemisphere.

Melting pots don’t work in modern trade; two many cooks spoil the broth.

To crown it all, right there in the middle of Europe sits an independent Switzerland with their hands firmly on Forex and the money; Scandinavia is not going to be dictated by the EU; Turkey will side with Turkey and where they can get the best deals; Portugal has got Brazil; India owns half of the UK and the American East Coast, or all the parts not owned by China. Come on folks the end of the EU is nigh.

My prediction in a nutshell:

Frau Merkel is trying her best but much too hard; she will soon make a mistake and find her allies leaving her.

Greece will survive.

The EU will disband. We will have a Brexit to start with. Then the EU will go Poof, to quote President George W Bush.

And just on the side; what are the Americans think they will achieve with their military bases in Korea and Vietnam except trying to annoy the Russians and China. It’s high time for America to bring their troops home.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon