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Telkom SA, the inconvenient Truth

February 27, 2013

Telkom is our largest Fixed Line Telephone and Internet Provider Company; originally founded in Johannesburg in 1891; government owned at first but going public somewhere around 2002; the share came on the market at 28 bucks; 50% was “retained” by Government.

 It was an immediate success when it went public and the share once reached 140 bucks I think but today it is languishing at between 16 and 17; even the Government is concerned.

 Being Telkom, they still have the ears of Government and make the Rules but Government appoints the Board of Directors; the past few years have seen many changes.

 Telkom’s main problem is that they appointed mainly Government sheepolls as employees and these fellows soon became quite adept at hiding the truth from Management and Government.  The few honest employees working their hearts out for their Company and its Customers are thwarted in their efforts by the unruly hoodlum and gangster type that is Ruling the Roost.

 When you get to read this Post, help us to force an interview with the new Telkom CEO.

The saga never ends.  There is more: