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History Part 2

July 27, 2015

My first Post in this series simply called HISTORY was always going to be Part One but I thought about it and dropped the Part One words from the Headline because I wasn’t sure when I was going to do the next one and how many there will be.

This is it now and I can say that I expect the series to go up to Part 6 or thereabouts.

This one is also like the first One different from what will follow in the Parts to come and I want to establish certain principles of history that is quite obviously unknown or not generally understood. Maybe they are only my opinions but I shall leave every reader deciding on his/her own conclusions.

The first point is that though it should not be so any opinion of recorded history largely depends on who wrote the book and/or who reads it. AND [kindly note the capitals] unfortunately it also depends on when it was written and when it is read.

In my own reading career I once read Memoirs of General Grivas on the Cyprus wars between Greeks and Turks. I couldn’t make up my mind who to support. When I read the book again 20 years later I still could not take sides between Grivas and Makarios and be honest with myself.

In the early sixties I read Glimpses of World History by Jawaharlal Nehru and was impressed. Thirty years later I was even more impressed by the great Man when I read the book again. I put him above Gandhi on the World scales of measurement of greatness. The strange anomaly in our country is that many people remember Gandhi [some despise him and some adore him; personally I don’t see him as any great figure in History] but very few ever read anything on Nehru.

My third and last example on the point should suffice.

Having been an adult life long supporter of a multi racial but united South Africa [classified as an extreme Liberal which I was not, though I was a Paton admirer and Fan] I could hardly wait to buy my personal copy of Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela.

I tried to read the book; put it aside several times and tried again and again but something didn’t gel; it became obvious that it was not Mandela’s own writing though it was enthusiastically promoted as the words of the “Great Icon.” I put the book aside for a number of years and re-read it after his attack on America with the warning about Gadaffi that “your enemies are not our enemies,” and after he had informed his successor, a wimp of a man called Thabo Mbeki, to give the prisoners the vote in M’Beki’s election to the Presidency in 1999. That time I managed to get through it with a feeling of despair for our country growing in my mind. The book was nothing more than a personal song of praise to an enormous ego in a large vacuum of utter emptiness.

I have learned to read all history as the opinion of one person. This is therefore, the way you can and should, read this. It is an opinion and I would like to hear from you before I go onto a very important Part Three about parallels and repetition of history.

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South Africa to the World

May 5, 2015

Good morning America.

You all want to read the South African Ferguson MO crap? Don’t pay much attention to the Article; just read the comments and see how we handle this remarkable opportunity of equality and unity between races.

Welcome to the Rainbow Nation. Free at last, and celebrating after 21 horrendous years of decline towards where it started, hailed at the time as a Wonder, the New Africa.

Tell you what; send a copy to Jimmy Carter. The asshole declared the 1994 Election Free and Fair.

Of May 31st and other dates

May 31, 2014

So much history has been re-written that the young of today often don’t know who their fathers were; often in fact, even the mother can’t tell who the father of her newborn baby is.

This day 104 years ago [on a Tuesday that year] was Union Day in South Africa. Four years later Sunday May 31st is quoted by some historians as the day the first events occurred that lead to Great Britain declaring war on Germany August 4th of the same year.

The young South Africa went through a bloody rebellion between those who still abhorred England and hated her for the Boer War of 1999 to 1902 and thus sympathized with Germany but common sense prevailed and we gallantly fought alongside England to beat the beast.

For 50 years we built on the development of a strong nation and celebrated Union Day.

Is it not a coincidence that Nelson Mandela was born on July 18th of 1918 [thus before the end of that War] and thirty years later started his terrorist life to destroy what we had built, first landing in prison in 1957 and soon after that England’s McMillan and America’s Kennedy, to be completed by Carter decided that South Africa would have to go?

But we managed to hang in there celebrating our Union Day until 1993; some still remember who their fathers were though those who don’t followed the hoax Mandela became.

He got his statue on Trafalgar; we know our fathers and will always remember May 31st of 1910. We know that we handed the present incumbents in power a strong clean nation rich in mineral wealth with a highly developed modern economy no matter how much or how long they will try to re-write history; it’s our history and we shall honor it regardless; we shall never forget.

For America of the 49 States

October 6, 2012

It is already October 6th at exactly 6:18:57 AM according to my computer as I start this on the keyboard; out your way some of you are up to nine hours in the past still but I am doing it for my future reference.

 There is pretty little that I can do about your Election 2012; in fact I can do nothing about it but cling to my guns that I don’t have, my religion that means more to me as I mature and I don’t have it in me to say that I live with any audacity of hope.

 What I do know is that from one point of view it is not important whether the Bama is re-elected in a month from now or not; what is important is what the voters are going to do.

 Africa’s fate is sealed and cannot be changed.  It is going back in grand style to what it always used to be.  They always relished it and it is quite evident they are relishing the return to their old ways.

 Don’t let it happen to you, America.

 Outside Waynesville going west towards Cherokee NC there is a roadside lookout high up near the summit just before you get to the sprawling RV Park on left.  In July when the heat zaps you down in Georgia I drove Jakkie up in the mountains; roof and cab aircon running all the time because it was hot.  Something made me stop to admire the view.  As I descended the two steps of the van and then took two steps away I had to dash back in for a windbreaker; there was a gentle fresh cool breeze blowing on my back from the north.

 How I would love to have been there now.

 Keep America good, fellows; for you, your children, and for me if I ever find a way of coming round one more time before I have to cross the river that we all must do some time or another.

 God bless you.

Dedicated to:

JP, Lady BD Denise of bydesign, Bob Mack, David of Nebraska, Nolanimrod, Cheechdawg of Iowa, towp, boudicabhi, Christopher Aus Trier,

How to figure your age

July 11, 2012

This is from an Email Friend; he deserves the credit and I didn’t want to steal his thunder particularly when it meant so much to me.

How to figure your age

Read his entire work with all the color and style; it is truly magnificent