President ObaMao of China

The Time Rag is speechless; can only deliver one short paragraph instead of the normal “more of the same” bush bashing.


“As some observers have noted, Barack Obama has appeared a few times on the cover of TIME. This cover of Obama as Chairman Mao, spotted by the Quirky Beijing blog at Beijing’s Joy City mall, is not an official TIME product. Will Sarah Palin want a copy for the next campaign?”


But reporter Austin Ramzy does whatever they can to throw a punch at Sarah Palin to minimize the damage to the image of the Chosen One.


ObaMao on the (Fake) Cover of TIME


That says much for a Magazine that has thrown a wild punch at British Prime Minister Brown in the last few days:


Brown’s Blues: Britain’s Prime Minister on Borrowed Time


A week ago they entertained the whole World on the woes of the Republican Party.


The Voice of the GOP


Ouch, it hurts to have to take some of your own medicine.

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