I have Conquered

February 28, 2015

I made it today.

 It was kind of made for me by something in a small local e-Mag called the Daily Maverick. They deserve and get the recognition.

 It jumped out from the daily quote just below the headline of yesterday’s edition but I only got to read it just now.

 Commence quote:

“This man has conquered the world! What have you done?”

The philosopher replied without an instant’s hesitation, ‘I have conquered the need to conquer the world’.”
Steven Pressfield, historian and all-round fantastic writer. It’s Friday, don’t try and take over the world. That’s a Monday kind of task.

Ends Quote.

The Maverick is worth reading for its wide coverage of events of the day and reflections of history affecting current events. It covers politics for all tastes, which is a rare achievement in a World of partisan divisions. Research is of a high standard; it covers major sport events, a daily cartoon by Jerm and even gives you a short glimpse of weather conditions around the World for the day.

 It’s almost two hours after midnight. I have conquered and hope to keep it that way. Good night Folks.

Greece the EU the WORLD and the ugly TRUTH about MONEY

February 21, 2015

Read this:


When love goes out the back door divorce discussions soon end up in fights about money. It can get bad between husband and wife; with so many partners sharing and sleeping around in the EU brothel it may get real messy.

It may even end up worse than the mess we have in South Africa right now.

But don’t you oh great World out there think that you will escape the wrath of the poor.

I have read a number of the prophecies of doom and more often than not had to laugh. Most times they are really nothing but hidden efforts to lure the uninformed into “escape routes” in which the ignorant will lose their money in any event, most times faster than in what they warn you against.

The ugly truth is that almost the entire World Financial System is bankrupt, except maybe [please note the maybe] China and Russia. Yes you may laugh this one off. Most countries are over populated and, again with the exception of China and Russia, are divided within themselves.

In the entire rest of the World financial wizards have convinced governments that the solution is to spend and consume. That is the way to go, they say, and countries where they don’t even have the logistics to get basic foodstuff to the homes of the poor have taken to consumption with glee and enthusiasm.

Now laugh this one off too if you wish.

Greece is sitting with all the aces and all the trump cards. See, they have nothing to lose.

Frau Merkel may just be the first to make one wrong move and the House of cards [computer chip money really] will fall and be blown away by the wind.

 All the money going through the Stock Exchanges of the World isn’t worth a handful of computer chips.


Mandela’s Church Street Bomb

February 15, 2015

Guerrilla warfare, as fought by the Boers one century ago, is recognized internationally as the honourable defence by disciplined fighters against a superior, armed enemy. The Boers attacked classical military targets, even though outnumbered most of the time by overwhelming numbers. The so-called ‘freedom fighters’ of Southern Africa, however, be they Frelimo, Zanu, Swapo or the ANC/Communist Mkonto e Sizwe (MK), very seldom attacked anything resembling a military target, – on the contrary, they specialized in the callous bombing of Wimpy Bars, the cowardly laying of landmines on farm roads, the barbarian ‘necklacing’ of defenceless township dwellers, and even the brutal torture of their own dissident comrades. What makes these atrocities more despicable is that some of the organizations actually signed the Geneva Protocols, which explicitly forbid this kind of terror and cruel intimidation. Serious students who wish to get an unbiased and balanced picture of the kind of terrorist ‘war’ fought by terrorist organisations like the ANC/SACP, the PAC and others should read the book The Other Side of the Story by Herman Stadtler, Sigma Press, ISBN 0-620-21100-8.
The Church Street bombing was a car bomb attack on 20 May 1983 by Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the African National Congress, in the South African capital Pretoria. The bombing killed 19 and wounded more than 200, and was one of the largest attacks engaged in by the ANC during its armed struggle against apartheid. The attack consisted of a car bomb set off outside the Nedbank Square building on Church Street at 4:30pm on a Friday. The target was South African Air Force (SAAF) headquarters, but as the bomb was set to go off at the height of rush hour, those killed and wounded included civilians. The bomb went off ten minutes earlier than planned, killing two ANC operatives in the vehicle, Freddie Shangwe and Ezekial Maseko. At least 20 ambulances took the dead and wounded to hospital.

1983: Car bomb in South Africa kills 16
BBC: On This Day
20 May 1983

At least 16 people have been killed and more than 130 people injured in a car bomb explosion in South Africa’s capital city, Pretoria.
The explosion happened outside the Nedbank Square building on Church Street at about 1630 hours – the height of the city’s rush hour.
More than 20 ambulances attended the scene and took the dead and injured to three hospitals in and around Pretoria.
Police sealed off the surrounding area with a barbed-wire fence as emergency personnel sifted through the rubble looking for bodies.
Bomb disposal experts were called to the scene to search for a possible second bomb.
The outlawed anti-apartheid group the African National Congress has been blamed for the attack.

A huge pall of smoke rose hundreds of feet into the air as debris and bodies were strewn around the scene of the explosion.
It is understood the bomb had been placed in a blue Alfa Romeo car outside the multi-storey building, which houses the South African air force headquarters.
It exploded at the height of the city’s rush-hour as hundreds of people were leaving work for the weekend.
Glass and metal were catapulted into the air as shop-fronts and windows were blown out.
Many passers-by had limbs amputated by the flying debris. Others bled to death.
South Africa’s Minister for Law and Order, Louis le Grange, who visited the scene immediately, blamed the attack on the ANC.
He said: “I have no doubt who is responsible for this despicable attack.”
He said the explosion was the “biggest and ugliest” terrorist incident since anti-government violence began in South Africa 20 years ago.
He added: “Most of the victims were civilians, but some were air force personnel in uniform, black and white. Quite a number of those killed were black.
The ANC is committed to overthrowing the minority white government.

Oliver Tambo, who is the organisation’s acting president while its senior figure, Nelson Mandela, is in prison, said the Nedbank Square building was a legitimate target, although he did not admit carrying out the attack.
General Mike Gedenhuys, Police Commissioner, said: “Many of the victims are so badly mutilated they have not yet been identified.”
General Magnus Malan, South African’s defence minister, described the explosion as a “cowardly, criminal deed in the Communist war being raged against South Africa”.
He said more than 40,000 civilians had died as a result of terrorism in the past five years in Africa and 83,000 armed men had died.
South Africa has nearly five million whites, 21 million blacks, nearly one million Indians and about 2.5 million people of mixed race.
The government’s apartheid system denies citizenship rights to black people except in 10 remote homelands.
The ANC has warned it intends to step up its campaign to bring an end to white minority rule.
» » » » [BBC] [Bomb Photos: Kerkstraatbom]



February 14, 2015


Greece is an old Country. That’s point one that you have to remind yourself of when you read about the present day Greece and the EU stand-off.

There are nine more points:

Point 2 = ditto

Points 3 to 10: same as points 1 and 2.

Now you read a modern day comparison between Greece and Germany by Leopold Scholtz, the latter whom I regard as the only modern writer sufficiently experienced to write about these matters. Here is the link:


Then you have to read this:


It’s a little long [measuring 54 pages in size 18 Verdana for my eye] but worth it. You will also have a good few laughs of joy; it is extremely well written.

Lastly, what with all the hullabaloo about the EU, Russia and Germany, just take the globe and see whether you can locate Turkey and Cyprus in relationship to Greece on the map of our old World.

 Then sit down and think. Think about your home country wherever you may live and think about the above. Figure out what you gotta do back home before you speak about Greece, Russia, Turkey and the EU.


The Lost Generation 1994 to 2014

February 9, 2015

Read this and cry:


 I fully understand that I may end up a lone voice against popular opinion but somebody must say this. These young people will be entering the workplace with an enormous disadvantage not having any knowledge of the World before the Internet. There is a lot more to the world than the Internet; we can only hope that they work that out fast and learn about that World first.

 So many of them are now at the stage where they know everything. Will they be the parents of the next lost generation? I fear for the worst.

Of all the Stupid things people do, Hi-Tech takes the lead

February 5, 2015



Midnight will find me on my keyboard tonight.

I am cheesed off, mad as hell, disgusted with modern finance and economic experts; darn I will be 75 years old and I have seen it all. Large companies are now run by computer chips operated by young snot-nosed kids that know everything about hi-tech but not a thing about the foundation of business requirements, except maybe one guy at Standard Bank South Africa.

I am going to try and find him/her if he/she does indeed exist. This Post is my starting point

I have been up a few times during the night but the idea to do this got me out of bed.

The year ahead will be a tough one for the World. It will be a Year to Remember for many; some hard decisions will have to be made by Mankind. I am only mentioning that in passing; today it must wait for when it comes.

Let me get back to Standard Bank.

It has been the only decent Bank in South Africa for a long time. There has been one other one not to bad but I found them involved with a scumbag firm of CFD Traders a while ago and wrote them off too; the others I won’t touch with a bargepole.

Standard Bank remained a pillar of light in the gloom; they had their ups and downs; their customer fees are way out of line by now but they still maintained a small number of old timers in their branch offices you can go in and talk too; very few indeed, but you could find one when you needed one.

That was still the case a while ago before they jumped on the high hi-tech wagon. In their favor I have to add that they didn’t cast all human brains out like most of the competition but hi-tech started taking control and they started to become like the others, well almost as bad. It did remain possible to find a common sense soul when you really need him/her; that was so until about two weeks ago.

That night when I logged in the computer screen told me my browser is out of date and I must upgrade it. Being not fully run by hi-tech yet there was an almost invisible screen option to “upgrade later” in the middle near the top of the screen and I pressed it.

Up jumped a new screen telling me how retarded I am for still sitting with this old browser and that, yes I may now [having pressed the button that I will upgrade later] proceed with my old version but I won’t have such a unique and pleasurable experience of modern browsing as with this new wonder now on offer to which I must press for the immediate upgrade.

I ignored the bull and pressed to continue. You won’t believe this; the old system had been removed and I had to work through a kinder-garden version of a thirty year old computer effort just to get my account balance, but that was not all. Last Thursday, January 29th I needed to pay a beneficiary and with great trepidation logged on. The empty screen only informed me that it is indeed a Standard Bank web page but nothing else. There was no old or new program. I blew my top, found an old Standard Bank IT Support email address in my WAB and sent them this email:

From me

To: Standard Bank On-Line Support
Account Number: ***stars in here for security
My Branch name
Branch Code ***stars in here for security
I am now so sick and tired of Standard bank I can scream or hope somebody drops a massive bomb on your offices to wipe you out.
Don’t you people do any market research and ask customers what they need. My connection and Internet banking has now been working for years but you suddenly without consulting me want to force me to upgrade my browser.  My old browser works well on everything else and I need an upgraded browser like I need a hole in the head.  Until this morning it worked though if I press the button not to upgrade now or upgrade later it won’t move.
Get my system running or go take you bank and jump in a lake?    Don’t you big money guys understand that you have thousands of little clients each paying his R43 per month for two or three transactions, never bothers you or exceeds his limits but can’t just go and buy a new computer every time the young idiots in IT wants to prove why you have to keep them working there.
Fix my computer.  I have been happy with the old browser and the way it worked.  Run it parallel the way it worked in the past.  Jeez, don’t you guys know about parallel runs no more?
Let me know what in hell you decide.  I need to pay a beneficiary his money.
**** my name for security
my email address for security

**** for my tele no for security

I then CC copied my email to the media and an entire bunch of my friends and for some or other reason probably due to my frustration and excitement also a copy to the Western Cape Government.

Would you believe it? I don’t have much faith in governments but this one Province happened to be controlled by an opposition Party I sometimes vote for and because a friend who is our city council alderman asked me to support him. Well, the only reply I got to my tirade was a nice friendly letter from the Western Cape Government advising me that I probably need to write to Standard Bank and proceeded to give my all the contact details that I may need of them as well as her full contact details as representative of the Western Cape Government. Do you know any computer hi-tech ignoramus that can write an email’ well, I have never met one.

What a pleasant surprise when I logged into Standard this morning? My old outdated browser page was back; it’s now running parallel and I don’t have to press any “upgrade later” button; that has been removed as well.

It’s now past midnight Friday, February 06, 2015 12:39 AM out our way.

I am going to try and get this Post in and will then with the aid of the link try to locate the one remaining guy with common sense at Standard Bank to thank him and wish him/her well on the road of sanity.


The case of the disbanded Nelson Mandela Jury

January 27, 2015


Nelson Mandela was released from prison on Sunday February 11th 1990 and took office as the first Black President of Paton’s Cry the Beloved Country after the Freedom Election on April 27th 1994. He died in 2013 Tuesday December 5th in Johannesburg.

The old fellow, by then widely known as and referred to as Madiba survived on life support for longer than usual while the incumbent Jacob Zuma had to make the announcements that Madiba was still well and being well cared for on the dot early morning every day for how long. He was obviously happy to be released from this onerous duty when the last day ended.

Mandela was saved from the gallows by an international deal that meant he had to accept life imprisonment with certain guarantees and enough money. When he was freed from prison the dealmakers threw some more money in plus a shared Nobel with FW de Klerk, the last White President. When the Old Wannabe Icon complained about the latter Ronald Reagan said “no no hang in here old goat, you will accept that and drop the communist shit” at which the old terrorist balked and threatened to walk out of the discussion. This happened the year when GH Bush was running for the White House and the stories go that the old cowboy got up and said: “right George, let him go, but no security detail from us; if he wannabee President, let him be, but American protection to keep him alive until then stops right here. Go on George, you tell him.”

Mandela understood that and after some more talk about money the deal was in. Some versions of the story will have it that Reagan also wanted Mandela to stop his open support of Gadaffi, which the old goat accepted after some more balking but as soon as he was President he infuriated the Americans by taunting them loud at every opportunity he got on International Television “Your enemies are not our enemies” about Gadaffi.

The deal included one 5 year presidential term for Mandela and maximum two five year terms for all after him. America approved Thabo Mbeki as Mandela’s successor but balked at Jacob Zuma to be Mbeki’s first Vice President; on that Mandela stood his ground because he wanted to prevent any greater power to the rightful leader of the Zulu Nation, Chieftain Mangosuthu Buthelezi. The Americans came up with a “face-saving” solution that Buthelezi would be “Acting President for Life” whenever both the first two went on their many jaunts around the World at the same time. In this manner Chieftain Buthelezi currently holds the record for the “most ever occasions as Acting President” ever in Africa and nobody is ever going to touch him on that point.

Jacob Zuma however had his own agenda. An immoral creature with a lust for money and power, corrupt down to his bootlaces was waiting for his chance and when Mbeki was forced to fire him as VP halfway during his second term Zuma neatly turned the tables on him in a bloodless coup by having Mbeki ousted as ANC Leader [which was always the natural position of the incumbent President], then followed up by firing Mbeki as President and put one of his own in as caretaker President. He duly after a while took over from the caretaker who had in the meantime ensured Zuma’s re-election as Leader of the ANC. That’s Africa 2010 vintage. What it will be like in 2060 is anyone’s guess.

When it became quite obvious by early 2013 that Old Nelson was not going to get to his full centenary all and sundry visited for the dubious honor of being able to say they had met the Icon of Africa and the World. Oprah came; even Tiger Woods got his chance. The Bama waited too long and when he did try [and did he try?] he was declined to have his moment of glory. Everyone who was someone and an entire merry band that together was nothing started publishing their versions of the Great Man. I refrained and said the jury would be out for quite a while before history would be able to produce a generally accepted verdict on the truth about Mandela the Man.

In one place I want so far as to say that I guess that we may have a verdict by the year 2074; not sooner.

I was wrong!

The country was expecting a week or weeks of remembrance on the first anniversary in 2014 but everything petered out and we had a non-event. It has turned out that the young people born 1990 and afterwards and are in their early twenty’s this year are just not interested in the past. The hullabaloo died with the Man.

Mandela will still have his Statue on Trafalgar to remind the British of their silly moment of appeasement to put it there but otherwise Mandela will be a forgotten man by 2020.

There will be no jury verdict; the jury has resigned and vanished into the four corners of the wind. Our World of today is beset with other problems; we have to come to terms with Davos and the poor. One thing is sure: Mandela will never happen again. You can read that in two different ways but I shall let you decide.

 I don’t want to be wrong again. My Long Walk has ended and I am going back to my roots to find the point where I took the wrong turn on the Walk from which the ANC left me in 1998.

The Jaksonian Institute of Learning

January 17, 2015


Night has just delivered a new day to the World; it is not the first time that this has happened but it is an important one for me, the Founder and sole active Member of the Jaksonian Institute of Learning.

I thus speak for Self, but also for all the millions of little people that want to be called Self and wish to associate with me.

A fellow name of Elon Musk is often in the News, called the Media in these days. He makes rockets and NAASA pays him 2.6 billion USA Dollars for doing so; he is also involved inTesla, a project purported to make electric motorcars a viable alternative means of transport to replace the internal combustion fuel engine. For all you know he may export these vehicles to the moon and outer space for daily commuter traffic.

Elon, nogal South African born, is riding high for a South African boitjie. Nogal is a Dutch Afrikaans Sefrican word for, well, for nogal.

The teachings of the Jaksonian Institute of Learning are based on the life of my late Father, born 1897 in the surroundings where I now reside in the sand-hills of the Sandveld Region, Western Cape Coastline. We are earthbound people.

For us mankind’s space are these hills and the sky above as high as the clouds when they are there; even when they are not we limit our visions of space to about where the cloud-lines would be when they are there. We believe our space has been that ever since the Creation and it is not ever likely to change. Some summers are hotter than others; some winters are colder and wetter than others but we can’t change that and have no desire or intentions of ever doing so.

We live from the earth and we protect it; my father did that and all our ancestors before him.

We believe in People but not in Politicians. We believe in the Internet as an invention but we dread its intrusion in our private lives; we believe that television is of interest but that it doesn’t rule our lives.

We believe in helping each other and to share the gifts of nature with our neighbors but we abhor the intrusion of governments worldwide in the affairs of other sovereign countries or nations. We believe in a secular government system but not a Godless one. We believe in duty, morality, honor and responsibility in everything that we do.

We do not approve of Space Exploration or that there is anything to explore above the clouds; we believe that the Globe or the Earth is the only home for Mankind. We believe in our Creator and that His will be done for now and forever on earth and in the Universe around us.



January 17, 2015


There has not been an English word as in the headline. I am creating it now and adding it to the dictionaries of the English World. Wise people in other languages will follow it or their races will die.

I was deeply perturbed by this recent Post in America:


The argument is deeply flawed; the timing is bad and it is short-sighted in the most extreme, a weakness in much of modern American thinking.

Let me first in very short sum up who I am by telling you what I used to be.

We grew up in a tolerant atmosphere of the workers class. Our Dad was, I discovered almost too late, a working man in the labor class but had a good brain, something he passed on to all five siblings.

I never thought that I was clever [we grew up without luxuries and that was one we never had] but at school just found all my subjects easy. It was only when I was doing a working diploma that people on occasion asked me: “But how do you remember this or that?” that I discovered that I had a natural aptitude for figures, dates and numbers. When I got a distinction in Statistics at Tech Diploma level I was hooked and in the end qualified as a research statistician with academic qualifications and forty years experience by the time I retired.

Life had in the meantime lead me to liberal politics; having grown up with apolitical parents when liberal meant kindness and understanding your neighbor’s point of view even when you did not always agree, we had no time for, or interest in politics by the time I was twenty years old. The working class neighborhood I grew up in was racially mixed but I have to say that was in the context of our part of South Africa at the time, when racially mixed was white, brown and Malay people. I never met a black person in my life before I turned 25 when they started to appear in the work place in small numbers and those I met were like all the people I had grown up with. I discovered that their English was slightly different from the way we spoke it but they were all nice people.

Now you must bear in mind that, unlike what the World has as a picture of South Africa, the system of strict racial separation in residential areas [called Apartheid] was introduced after I had been working for a few years and I could not understand most of it. As the system expanded I became more inclined to disagree with it and by the time I had chosen my life career just before I reached age 30 I left White Politics and devoted my entire adult life to a multi-racial South Africa. I became an Alan Paton and Beyers Naude fan; met a lot of black people I never had any problem with but, of course, the school and residential segregation system was there which meant that my contact with black people was only at work level and in shops and restaurants.

So my excitement about our Freedom Day April 27th of 1994 knew no bounds but slowly, very slowly small things started to worry me about the change to total Black dominated Government. It is far too much to explain in one Post; suffices as Ronald Reagan would have called it “the ANC left me in 1998.” I abruptly let them go and two years later early-retired to a small town in the area of my birth, racially mixed colored brown people and whites and a few black police officers. I support our school that is racially, language and religion mixed and I like it. We even have a few Muslim children in our school too and it is a rather nice mix. I love it but I do however despise the arrogance and corruption of the all-black ANC Government. You have to live under them to understand what happened to my dreams of racial equality.

Back to the Post above! America has a very nice two Party system right now with a goodly size floating vote. That is your salvation and you must PRESERVE AND PROTECT that with your lives.

I can relate to some of the arguments put forward in favor of a third real Conservative Party but I am amazed that the author cannot see the difference between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. I almost want to scream at him: “But can’t you see the difference in the spelling between the names Bush and Clinton.

America, oh Land I love and once a few years ago would have given my right arm to live there, get some sense and vote the Dems out hell gone into oblivion in 1916 and for crying out loud elect a White Male at that point with a White Veep Male or Female. Secondly, get Sarah Palin with a White Male Veep in 1920 or become a nomogenous Society like we have.

You won’t like it, I assure you.

If your Black voters complain [please drop the African American nonsense] suggest to them to come back to the land of their ancestors and see how they like that.

They won’t like it; can assure you of that as well.

I am on record in several places stating that my interpretation of homogeny is not only in skin color or race but also in matters of behavior, principles, faith, honor, duty and self respect.

Nomogeny is my word for the society where none of these traits are present. That is what we have ended up with in South Africa, the total opposite of Homogeny.

America is but a step or two away from Nomogeny. If you don’t get a conservative White Republican President and Veep into the White house 2016 you are done for it.


Migration of Faith and Religion

January 17, 2015


The France satirical Newspaper killings of early Jan 2015 calls for an overview

Mankind has travelled with his Faith and/or with his Religion since time memorial; that has at times brought strife but mostly on small regional scale in the early days when the world was mostly inhabited by tribes.

Make no mistake, all mankind consist of some tribal past.

In that context Faiths and/or Religions sometimes rubbed shoulders and often rendered other differences indistinct.

During the Colonial times large numbers of migrants brought entire new Faiths with them and actually much too often it was the incoming Faith that tried to convert the local ones. Fortunately for the World these efforts were not always successful.

When Colonialism was reversed, starting around the beginning of 1960, the old mother countries couldn’t ask and certainly did not endeavor to do so with the result that when the original colonial citizens took up their automatic right of citizenship in their old mother countries, some of the latter were almost swamped by new waves of new Faiths. Events between 1990 and 2000 clearly indicate that nobody had ever given this possibility any consideration or even considered the possibilities and effects.

What might have been a situation of ‘we don’t ask and you don’t tell’ soon became a matter of ‘and who in hell are you to tell me; get lost you silly idiot’ and another dead body on the ground.

In the beginning of time America legislated to ensure Freedom of Religion [though some may disagree with my choice of words] with the 2nd Amendment in an effort to prevent the problem becoming one and it worked for Old America, worked very well indeed I would add.

However, though others have tried to create their own secular societies modern life and new definitions of things have often produced mongrel societies which have turned anti-religious. We can no longer rely on our tribal codes of conduct and our human heritage; the small worlds of our ancestors have turned into one unholy mess where it is difficult to recognize the melting pot from the sewage hole even though both are overflowing.

Have we finally reached the stage where Freedom of the Press has not only become Freedom of Expression to burn the Flag; when Freedom of the Media means Freedom to insult another Man’s Faith and how far are we from Freedom of the Black Races to Kill anyone carrying a White Flag?

Don’t shout at me for saying Charlie Hebdo must change his form of Satire or prepare to meet his Maker. Allow me to be straight please; Hebdo continuing his brand of Freedom doesn’t have much of a chance in the longevity stakes and you won’t see me shedding tears every time another Hebdo bites the dust.

“Congress shall not make any law ……? Wasn’t that what they said? Or is now like the story of the Big War: “One day they came for Isaac, …. then they came for Solly …. and when they came for you there was nobody left to talk for you?”

 PS: No time or space left to discuss Freedom of the Internet. Thus a note of warning will have to suffice. Spend your money; blow it at the Casino if you have to, before it disappears anyway courtesy of Freedom of the Internet.


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