Farting against Thunder

May 12, 2015

Yes OK, I know it’s like that; it’s also true that you can’t teach an old hound any new tricks; sure I agree with that too.

But what you young kids don’t know is that an old hound that has sniffed around in many places can recognize odors and knows about old beans or cabbage stew farts.

Take modern finance for example.

It is all done on the computer. Dealers deal and Traders trade from platforms; you can visualize a platform as one of these rickety things hanging on the side of the Wall Street Stock Exchange building with guys in overalls cleaning the windows on the outside.

In the old days the window cleaners would have been able to peek through the windows and see the traders running around scribbling on little cards and holding them up; they would nod at some and others would nod back and both would scribble on their cards. At the end of the day reams of print would be running all the trade records of the day for all to see, including all the shady deals. Insider trading was rife; according to Greg Blank everybody was doing it but he was the only one to go to prison. See him crying a river in:


But nowadays the platform is not a ramshackle affair hanging on the outside of the Stock Exchange building. It’s all hi-tech computers; whiz kids of 25 years old sit in front of their computers in Claremont outside Cape Town South Africa and “trade remote” with any Stock Exchange from Toronto Canada to Timbuktu.

It’s impossible, they say, to commit fraud because the computer is in control. It’s just impossible, the mod high-techie will tell you, for anyone to defraud all those computers. Don’t worry, you investor idiots, they say, your money is safe.

Not so, says the old hound, not so at all, he says, as he sniffles around slobbering on his old beans and cabbage stew building up a good fart while the thunder is rolling in over the hills.

Says the old hound: “Iffin you can let go with a good fart right in the inside of the old workers lavvy outside the Stock Exchange just before the thunder strikes to blow the lavvy sky high when it hits the bean and cabbage stew fart. It’s not nearly like the shit hitting the fan; no it’s much worse”.

How you ask? Where is the evidence? Yeah, says the hi-techie in his expensive business suit getting into his Ferrari with his remote computer and a smirking false smile on his lying face. You have no evidence, he smirks.

The old hound looks like dosing off but is sniffing the air. That fart spread real well with the thunder, he says while sniffing the breeze.

To be continued.



South Africa to the World

May 5, 2015

Good morning America.

You all want to read the South African Ferguson MO crap? Don’t pay much attention to the Article; just read the comments and see how we handle this remarkable opportunity of equality and unity between races.


Welcome to the Rainbow Nation. Free at last, and celebrating after 21 horrendous years of decline towards where it started, hailed at the time as a Wonder, the New Africa.

Tell you what; send a copy to Jimmy Carter. The asshole declared the 1994 Election Free and Fair.


Ask not for whom the Clarions call over Europe

May 3, 2015

European Parliament, Strasbourg, 29 April 2015:

Nigel Farage MEP, Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Co-President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) Group in the European Parliament.

Debate: Report of the extraordinary European Council meeting (23 April 2015) – The latest tragedies in the Mediterranean and EU migration and asylum policies
European Council and Commission statements

Lafarge lays it out. Transcript:

“Four years ago I stood here and said that bombing Libya would be a huge mistake, but of course the UK parliament and this parliament were desperate, there was a clamor to go to war.

And so now we have a failed state in Libya, which is now a conduit being used for criminal trafficking gangs trying to bring people to Europe.”

 On October 21st of 2011 I said this:


The American decision to kill Gadaffi was at the behest of the current White House incumbent, not by Americans in general. Obama wanted personal glory, and used the British; they stupidly supported the madness and must now pay. Germany cannot just shrug it off either; they were in it together.

Ask not Europe, for whom the Clarions call; they call for you.



Africa 21 years ago Today Part One

April 27, 2015

It was Tuesday April 27th when the clock struck 12 at midnight that the entire Africa was Free at Last; the legitimate black owners of the entire continent were freed and every baby born after midnight that night entered the World as a free person; it is estimated that approximately 1 360 free young ones were born all around the country in the 24 fours that followed; in the first 100 days about 136 000 of them, giving us about half a million new free people by the end of one year after freedom.

At 07:00 AM the next morning the polls opened for all colors and by that night the freedom fires were lit all over the country.

They partied for weeks and the World partied with them. I did too because I had supported the move towards Freedom for all our people for my entire adult life up to that point; that morning I had made my cross on the ballot paper to become a free man too.  It was a time of joy for most.

In Part Two and the others to follow on that we will take a look at Freedom today and how it altered lives of millions in the past 21 years and beyond.

PS: Late off the press but to complete the picture with a visual presentation of the truth, see:




Velocity Trade Beware or Stay Away

April 26, 2015


 They represent South Africa’s most professional money swindlers.

 Don’t be misguided by the attractive ads and Webinar Invitations; you will lose your money fast. In the end they are more innocent than Greg Blank.



Velocity Trade and Greg Blank an analogy with a variation Part One

April 26, 2015

Every investor in this world should read this with great care and attention to detail. It tells one version of the culprit crying a river about his unfair prison sentence while everybody was doing the same thing. Take note of the year 1992; the Internet had only been in operation for two or three years at the time.


 Is it plain fraud or greed, or is it a portent of what was to follow? The “innocent fraudster complains about a judge with a personal agenda. You be the judge this time.

 Look who was involved. Old Mutual! What happened to the merry band of thieves working inside Old Mutual? The story was killed with deadly ear-breaking silence.

 Now look at early 2015:


 See: Old Mutual CEO 89.8 million in the above, and then the next one:


 Google Velocity Trade and see what you come up with. This one is a guide:


 Just go and Google for Stern and Old Mutual 2014. That’s another funny story that Greg the innocent will have a gripe about. The story ran for days in the Financial Media pages; Old Mutual moved with lightning speed to get the FSB to remove Stern’s status as an authorized financial advisor from FAIS and then proceeded to kill the story with silence.

 Old Mutual owns Nedbank. Nedbank owns Velocity Trade. Another well-known guy in finance [he runs large things and is in the News everyday] ran a story about Velocity Trade having obtained the sole appointment to the business of some company with the letters MTN in it [I don’t know whether it is our own well-known Hi-Tech MTN Telecom Company] but in the Article Velocity Trade boasts that they have traded in excess of 50 billion every month since start-up in 2008. They also have a vast Network of agents and assorted brokers that bring in the small clients. “Come watch how we Grow 50 thou into 500 thou,” is the logo in blazing color above the Velocity Web name. The truth is that your 500 thou will soon grow into 50 thou if you are one of the lucky ones; takes just three to five months; in most cases it will be 5 thou when they close your account.

 Read this small Website about some of these small clients, and then read what Greg says about ruined lives.


 Some of the small guys got talking of the air. It’s heart-breaking despair.

What is going on at Old Mutual and Nedbank? The Great Silence sits like a massive cast iron lid on the dark hole of the hidden truth in 2015. Greg the fraudster of 1992 may just have a point.

 Please note that this is called Part One in the Headline. More will follow.


Practice whistling Dixie through your ass but …

April 18, 2015

Black Africans, I have just had to learn and realized they are right, cannot be racists. The reason is so simple I cannot understand how I missed it even through my extreme liberal years. They are black and black cannot possibly be racist.

 On the other hand and conversely, it is now perfectly clear to me that my mind was previously out of kilter. It was malfunctioning, wrong, skew, just plain dumb.

 White people are by their nature all racists. Read it all and follow the logic of commenter Graziella Mali right in here:


How can I make such a statement? Easy; with a white skin according to Lady Mali you can stand on your head and if you practice well and long enough you will eventually be able to whistle Dixie through your white ass but you will remain racist by the color of your skin.

Get that? Go on practicing with diligence; sooner or later you will manage a melodious fine rendition of Dixie but you still won’t get the race thingie. We are doomed by the color of our skin. Stupid White Men, as Michael Moore said.



The bloody thing landed OK, then

April 17, 2015

Pray, tell me what this stupid bastard, funded by NASA with billions of dough, is trying to achieve?


In another report on the inevitable Musk is quoted as saying the “the bloody thing landed OK, then just tipped over and …” the obvious result.

The experiments to land the rocket on a platform in the ocean seems a noble one because it can be rewired or whatever and they can use it again, thus reducing overall expenditure.

What I don’t understand is that they keep on shooting the stuff up into the skies. What on earth for? Oh well, the answer is simple, it is not for on earth or the benefit of anything on earth.

Science badly gone awry; ego of mankind is so great and the poor must pay to maintain the silly efforts.


African America the next Rainbow Nation

April 15, 2015

Have a good look at your future. Read all the links in this one:


Get a card reader to interpret if for you.

Then you start taking photographs of all your monuments while you still have them and save it for your grandchildren.


In Memory of Naspers

April 14, 2015

This morning we had:


 And :


 Comments were streaming in until we succumbed and the once great Newspaper deleted all comments that may offend the barbarian element in our Society.

 Who knows? Who will ever know? But there is a sadness over the land tonight.

Tomorrow a new dawn will rise over Africa. What will it bring with it?




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