More prattle from Joe. More of the same absence of policy from Obama

So Joe is back:


By Joe Klein

So I see Joe is telling us how marvelous everybody in Iran is and that “They deserve a far better government than the one they have.” 

I asked him in a comment in that Post to: “Please tell us how you and the President are going to go about giving them that Government.”  And this is what we get:

Joe Klein: What I Saw at the Revolution,8599,1905331,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

Supporters of the Iranian President gather in Tehran’s Vali Asr Square to celebrate his re-election

Please take note of the word Revolution [Joe’s choice] in his own headline.

Joe, if you had listened you would have heard us telling you this for the last thirty years.  And we tried to get it into your head during
Election 2008 but you were in love with Obama so you were deaf and blind I suppose.  It’s a hellhole of dissent and revolution that you have in Iran, Joe.  It has always been like that and we don’t see it changing.  Not ever, or never Joe.

Do prattle on Joe.  Amuse yourself.  America will sort the mess out when you and Obama are footnotes in American History.

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