All Freedoms are not Equal in Time

If you think that you have seen suppression of Freedom of Speech, how about this one?  It’s a classic; seeing it done by the Supreme Defenders of Freedom makes it a double Classic.

 Time Swampland has been running a series of Posts on the mosque.  Joe Klein lead the charge but most of the other Great Time Journolists weighed in with gusto.

It started with this ill-fated Post by Amy Sullivan:

 Many of their own regular readers shot back and when Joe towards the end dragged Pakistan into the mess the readers tore into him.  They mutilated the poor fellow.

 I had added my bit; then I found a link from a visitor in my Blog in my WordPress Stats.  When I clicked on it this came up:

 Time and Joe obvious know that they have to change course on Obama.  They “made a President” in Obama because there was a lot of money in him in 2008; now it seems as if they cannot decide whether they should ditch him right away or take a risk that the people may ditch Him, and them, two years down the line.

 Joe’s new WordPress Post is therefore, not as much that “Obama has chosen another way” but seems more like one last effort to salvage a failing Presidency.  In the meantime however, the mid-term primaries came up and Joe got very little support from the selected faithful in his new window-dressing effort.  He sang the praises for their Chosen One [and Joe sings well] but not many turned up to make it a good chorus, though a few sang very sweetly.

 During the same week Victor Davis Hanson weighed in heavily with an authoritative work in:

 America has taken a lot of flak from the World but the World always, though grudgingly at times, respected the American Presidency.  Recently however, for the first time in history a Presidency has come to exist as the laughing stock of the World.

 This is the Time when Joe abandoned his support for Freedom of Speech.  I submitted a short sober comment on Joe’s last stand about the “new chosen other way” in which I said, inter alia, in reference to the previous Posts mentioned above:

 “As if it wasn’t enough it didn’t stop there and by the Time you weighed in with “Evaluating Obama” a lot more than half of your own readers were mad.  You can’t just keep on heating abuse on the former President.  Whether you like it or not many voters still respect the man; they are angry, Joe, and their own columnists like Victor Hanson are not sleeping on the job.


 The comment was accepted “awaiting moderation” and then disappeared.

 When is Time going to ditch their Chosen One?  It seems more and more like just a matter of time.  In the end it always comes down to Money in politics; when the money goes out of the door new allegiances are formed.  Time is up, Folks.  Those results that are already out for the mid-term primaries tell a story that they can’t ignore if they want “their share” of the Money.

2 Responses to “All Freedoms are not Equal in Time”

  1. Nolanimrod Says:

    It’s not about the money the way it used to be. The left is encysted in the intersections where the money flows, like the universities, the foundations, the non-profits (that’s a laugh – the Kennedy spawn running the free heating oil non-profit took millions out of it), the government employee unions and the trial bar. This is a huge sector of the economy and not affected too much by elections except in the very long term.

    And that crew is wholeheartedly against every single thing that is important to ordinary people who actually work and accomplish something productive.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Yup Nimrod

      I just said it in short: Money.

      You echo my thinking behind it. Add to that the revenues that the Media picked through increased circulation and advertising. We are talking about some serious money here, not just a regular increased flow but huge chunks, gobs of money. It was impossible not to go for Obama.

      For a twist in the irony read Time’s most recent Post in:

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