Spot on in the Right Place at the Right Time

Don’t take my word for it; just wait and you will see; he will be there and will tell you that for as long as he lives and can breathe; he will be able to record History; indeed he will be Part of it; the Making of History.

Not just recording and making it; no indeed He will be the Maker; the Instrument as was always his Manifest Destiny.

He will be safe [for once I sure hope so for our sake and for the World, that nothing will go wrong] on this day when it happens, any day soon now. He will tell you; of that I am positively sure.

Then he will take his leave and GO; sure we hope for ever too, when we fast forward to the Past. He will have his own Historic Version of that too but we expect it will take at least another hundred years to witness the full impact of the events of the next few days.

Most times it’s best not to re-write History; rather just wait for it and see how it unfolds.

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