There has not been an English word as in the headline. I am creating it now and adding it to the dictionaries of the English World. Wise people in other languages will follow it or their races will die.

I was deeply perturbed by this recent Post in America:

The argument is deeply flawed; the timing is bad and it is short-sighted in the most extreme, a weakness in much of modern American thinking.

Let me first in very short sum up who I am by telling you what I used to be.

We grew up in a tolerant atmosphere of the workers class. Our Dad was, I discovered almost too late, a working man in the labor class but had a good brain, something he passed on to all five siblings.

I never thought that I was clever [we grew up without luxuries and that was one we never had] but at school just found all my subjects easy. It was only when I was doing a working diploma that people on occasion asked me: “But how do you remember this or that?” that I discovered that I had a natural aptitude for figures, dates and numbers. When I got a distinction in Statistics at Tech Diploma level I was hooked and in the end qualified as a research statistician with academic qualifications and forty years experience by the time I retired.

Life had in the meantime lead me to liberal politics; having grown up with apolitical parents when liberal meant kindness and understanding your neighbor’s point of view even when you did not always agree, we had no time for, or interest in politics by the time I was twenty years old. The working class neighborhood I grew up in was racially mixed but I have to say that was in the context of our part of South Africa at the time, when racially mixed was white, brown and Malay people. I never met a black person in my life before I turned 25 when they started to appear in the work place in small numbers and those I met were like all the people I had grown up with. I discovered that their English was slightly different from the way we spoke it but they were all nice people.

Now you must bear in mind that, unlike what the World has as a picture of South Africa, the system of strict racial separation in residential areas [called Apartheid] was introduced after I had been working for a few years and I could not understand most of it. As the system expanded I became more inclined to disagree with it and by the time I had chosen my life career just before I reached age 30 I left White Politics and devoted my entire adult life to a multi-racial South Africa. I became an Alan Paton and Beyers Naude fan; met a lot of black people I never had any problem with but, of course, the school and residential segregation system was there which meant that my contact with black people was only at work level and in shops and restaurants.

So my excitement about our Freedom Day April 27th of 1994 knew no bounds but slowly, very slowly small things started to worry me about the change to total Black dominated Government. It is far too much to explain in one Post; suffices as Ronald Reagan would have called it “the ANC left me in 1998.” I abruptly let them go and two years later early-retired to a small town in the area of my birth, racially mixed colored brown people and whites and a few black police officers. I support our school that is racially, language and religion mixed and I like it. We even have a few Muslim children in our school too and it is a rather nice mix. I love it but I do however despise the arrogance and corruption of the all-black ANC Government. You have to live under them to understand what happened to my dreams of racial equality.

Back to the Post above! America has a very nice two Party system right now with a goodly size floating vote. That is your salvation and you must PRESERVE AND PROTECT that with your lives.

I can relate to some of the arguments put forward in favor of a third real Conservative Party but I am amazed that the author cannot see the difference between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. I almost want to scream at him: “But can’t you see the difference in the spelling between the names Bush and Clinton.

America, oh Land I love and once a few years ago would have given my right arm to live there, get some sense and vote the Dems out hell gone into oblivion in 1916 and for crying out loud elect a White Male at that point with a White Veep Male or Female. Secondly, get Sarah Palin with a White Male Veep in 1920 or become a nomogenous Society like we have.

You won’t like it, I assure you.

If your Black voters complain [please drop the African American nonsense] suggest to them to come back to the land of their ancestors and see how they like that.

They won’t like it; can assure you of that as well.

I am on record in several places stating that my interpretation of homogeny is not only in skin color or race but also in matters of behavior, principles, faith, honor, duty and self respect.

Nomogeny is my word for the society where none of these traits are present. That is what we have ended up with in South Africa, the total opposite of Homogeny.

America is but a step or two away from Nomogeny. If you don’t get a conservative White Republican President and Veep into the White house 2016 you are done for it.


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6 Responses to “Nomogeny”

  1. Nolanimrod Says:

    Well, if you are unjustly ignored by the history books you may be remembered in the dictionaries.

  2. JP Says:

    Reblogged this on et cetera* and commented:
    Ike Typed the Words..

  3. collectivistduck Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, it’s always great to hear about the path other bloggers took to arrive at their current state.

    Africa has certainly gone through some whip lash over its colonial past. Zimbabwe is a good example, treating one injustice with another; to their own detriment.

  4. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thanks Plato

    It sounds a good way to address you; please advise if you want me to do otherwise.

    Yes, it is good to interchange ideas and to do it in style and good manners. People don’t have to agree on everything to be friends. I have often in my life benefitted from a friend with another view on the same matter.

    Zim is a good example, but let us leave that for another day.

    I would like to go into all your posts. Right now I am into Greece and the waves of corruption flooding our World. I would like to hear your views whenever you can spare the time.


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