Home again and out of Touch

Badly out of touch, mindlessly entirely out of touch with reality, is Joe.  And his readers are telling him so in no uncertain terms.

 Look at this just a few months ago:

 Obama’s Foreign Policy Needs a Domestic Boost


 “If Obama wins health care, he will have the political capital to move any way he wishes on Afghanistan — with the military, or against it.”

 Then he goes off to wherever in the troubled ‘Middle East.’


 “We’ll see.  Optimism at this point seems foolish; but pessimism seems a bit reflective too.  We’re at a new stage of this war.  This year culminating in the next Obama policy review in December, should tell us a great deal about what can and can’t be accomplished.”

 Home Again


 Back from the “Flooded War Zone” [“the foreign boost” of September 2009] he waffles on about:

 “It seems very clear that if Petraeus ever did decide to run for President as a Republican–a move I’m not convinced he’ll ever make–he’d be far too moderate… etc” before he takes the Administration of the Presidency that he had helped create to task “In these circumstances, it seems time for the President’s (alleged) friends in Congress to stop playing their own political games–especially the Appropriators–and join the party of adults. It is the only way they save their skins come November.”

 He denounces the malaise in the Administration:

 “Administration too often sends political aides into the fray–they tend to be youngish, defensive and ridden with talking points. More than a year later, there is no single, authoritative voice on foreign policy, either. This is getting to be a real problem.”

 A VERY “real Problem” indeed I would say, made worse by this idiotic article:

 Enough Already


 “I certainly hope he resumes playing golf soon; I love watching him play.”

I have never seen Joe taken to task by his own Regular Readers Corps as in the flood of Comments on this disastrous defense of a man with no morals.  You read it [LOOK FOR THE COMMENTS BY SACREDH] and judge it the way you see it.

 Joe Klein has lost all touch with reality; he has been going down ever since Massachusetts.



 Poor Joe, what a way to go?

7 Responses to “Home again and out of Touch”

  1. Nolanimrod Says:

    I think Joe’s biggest problem is that after watching the Wag the Dog movie nobody told him it wasn’t a documentary. Or maybe it was that Twilight Zone where whatever was typed on the Linotype machine came true and Joe thinks his word processor is like that.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nolanimrod

      Joe Klein is a weird fellow. But he is being questioned lately. I have followed him and Time for years; the sheeple readers used to lap it up but not anymore. I see clear signs of discontent and his recent postings reveal the anxiety about it.

      I am having bad computer problems again and just manage the “must do” stuff but hope to come back to you soon.

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  5. cheechdog Says:

    Ike, Joe is a hopeless left wing hack reporter.

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