For the New Year

This is dedicated to all the good people in my life; at first I considered not to mention any names simply for the fear that I may leave one out but in the end I did decide to name two because I want all of you to meet them; the rest of you will know who you are.

 The first one is one of my email Friends name of John.  He is an unassuming man of great intellect, a razor sharp wit and possesses the amazing ability to analyze, or I should say to separate, the few good things that flow through the Internet from the rest which is mostly nonsense.

 He often passes his wisdom on to me and I received this from him a few days ago.  Please, it is very precious; read it with great care and look at the date and place of origin.

 I thought it was a gem; no, a precious stone will be a better description; a rare diamond it is indeed.  It’s a wonderful story; just what I needed the day I received it from him.  People make life too complicated by being too clever and miss the beauty in the process.

 John sometimes does an analysis of things.  This time he just put my name and email address in and the link.  I didn’t need anything more and he obviously thought the same.

 Then I am blessed to have got to know Denise, a grandmother from NYC suburbia but who works on Central Park in the city.  We pass things on to each other when a friend is needed to share something; sometimes we just say hello.  She is a precious diamond; no other ever found in the ground equals her pureness or quality.

 You will find John at:

 And Denise at:

 And if one of you other folks all of a sudden get this Post in an email it won’t be because I am soliciting comments; it will just tell you that I feel the same about you too.

 Happy New Year in 2011.

18 Responses to “For the New Year”

  1. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I hope you have a very good New Year.

    I’m sure you have a lot of good friends and they will all be looking forward to posting with you in 2011, I know I will.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Cheech

      It’s good to look forward to seeing you often as always and I know you do the rounds all over. You are fit to be Santa Claus to many.

      Thanks for being my friend.

  2. JM Says:

    Thank you – an a very Happy New Year to you, Ike, and may many more follow. May your friends be many and your days bright!


  3. Ike Jakson Says:

    Hi Jamie

    Thanks for the nice words; same to you. And, of course, I hope that we shall both be here in a year from now to repeat it.

    I hope you enjoyed the words [and the message} in my link.

  4. boudicabpi Says:

    Hi Ike,
    A Happy New Year to you. We only seldom cross paths and I have yet to with John. I can attest to how fortunate one is to cross paths with Denise. The best to you and all of your readers in this coming year.
    Bob A.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi boudicabpi

      Yeah, we have been out of touch but not out of heart; there are good times that I remember; and it pleases me that you dropped in.

      Look in upon John. He has his own unique style but always very stimulating with his own mind and view of events.

      Best to you and your dear ones; an interesting half a century awaits the World and We the People. May it always go well with you and America of the 50 States.

  5. Levent Says:

    Happy new year Ike! God bless you and yours.

    Another favourite of mine:
    Allah yar ve yardımcın olsun.

    Roughly “May God be your lover and helper”


  6. Bob Mack Says:

    Happy New Year, Ike!

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Bob, and the same to you. The New Year will bring new challenges and I hope we can face them together.

  7. christophertrier Says:

    Happy New Year, Ike.
    Sitting on the Pacific Rim it is still 2010, though not for long.
    Keeping with the general theme of optimism on this string:

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Christopher

      Yes, I know that you still have just more than four hours of 2010 “but hope you make it” as we have. Dawn arrived a few minutes ago and it looks like a cool morning.

      Thanks for dropping in and best to you and yours.


  8. nolanimrod Says:

    Great post, Ike. Glad you liked Virginia. I think he captured the essence of a lot of the good that we may lay claim to.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nolanimrod

      Yeah, I liked Virginia and passed it around a bit. I shall be paying you a visit tomorrow our time.

  9. bydesign001 Says:

    Happy New Year and thank you Ike for your kind words. You, Ike, are one of the angels and blessings that the Good Lord sends our way at specific moments in our life.

    It is both an honor and a pleasure to share and to say hello, howdy, what’s up.

  10. Ron Broxted Says:

    Happy New Year 2011!

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