Billions of Road Markers on Life’s Journey

Yes, we have about seven [or is it nine?] billion people alive on earth on this day; that makes for the same number of road markers/milestones because each one on Life’s Journey is unique.

 Some will say, with which I agree, that human life starts at conception but I don’t want to dwell on that today except to say that the Journey of Life begins at birth.  What happens during the previous nine months will certainly have an effect on how each individual is going to cope with his World but the subject is a long one and one needs to start somewhere.  Shall we say that individual life of the human being separate from his mammal source starts out on his journey at birth?

 In the very beginning he survives by instinct; if the need for food and shelter is provided his own life will in due course become his own unique journey.

 Having food and shelter taken care of by others, one’s own unique journey will kick off almost from day one.  Of course, life’s actions in the first few days or weeks will largely be in the form of reaction to the treatment that a new human being gets when opening those little eyes for the first time; a smiling baby or a little human prone to crying or cringing will soon show and will be brought to bear as he grows and develops in later life.

 For the purposes of this writing I am therefore, also going to assume that the treatment, food, shelter and degree of love shown to him will be what it should be though all are not as fortunate as others.  You surely don’t want to read nine billion pages today; so let us assume that they are all healthy, well fed and sheltered on the day they start out.

 How many do we count for last week Sunday?  What about the day before, or the same date a year ago?  How about the same day forty years ago?

 The forty years old today have only one thing in common besides being exactly the same age.  That little thing is called by only one word that you spell U.N.I.Q.U.E and please note that it is not similar to anything else.  Being unique has no synonyms for the human being.

 Let me jump a little ahead and have a look at our sample of mankind [humanity] that entered life as babies on this day forty years ago. How many do we have we; you decide but I am sure you will agree that it would be a fair sample in statistics or scientific studies?

 You will also find that our sample will be roughly half male and the other half female because these things simply happen, or are made to happen that way; the reason or the way it happens to be so cannot be of any influence in any sample you may wish to consider.

 Hence this morning rose, say, one hundred thousand males in full manhood and the same number of females in full grown womanhood, all having only one thing in common; that they are all beginning the first day of 41 on this day.

 Many [most I would daresay], will have passed their memories and/or experiences of their own babyhood and childhood days on to their offspring by now, many with joy and many with regret but at the age of forty joy or regret for things past will not change anything for the future.

 The die is cast before you get to the walk between forty and fifty.  If you wanted to climb mountains you would have done so by now; some would have fallen off the cliffs in trying; some would have succeeded to the high summits and others would have come down off the slopes by choice and taken the even straight roads over the landscape of Life’s Journey; those who fell and did not get up to try again are most likely to remain by the roadside.  The die has been cast; most will arrive at fifty having walked in style or strife on the most splendid stretch of road life has on offer.  You are where you will be or was meant to be at forty; the following ten years will produce the harvest; from there on the chosen road can hardly be changed for some other more hopeful or easier route.

 Who casts the die or how is it done?

 That’s really very simple.  Life at forty and thereafter is shaped by emotions and perceptions formed and shaped since the day one is born; early differences in reaction will appear; reactions may turn into one’s own actions; they will in turn cause reactions of a kind in others of the same age; the country where you are born [whether you moved elsewhere?] will have an effect; faith and own free will may clash or find harmony.  However, either way will be determined by your own set of emotions and perceptions about life.  That is the only truth; there is no other.

 Is this the summary of Life’s Journey?  Yes, mankind [each one on his/her own] will be where they want to be.  Sorry, with apologies but no crawling on bended knee, young people under forty, you can’t talk about life because you have a computer and the Internet whereas those of my generation did not have it; come to think of it, neither did we have telephones or paved/tarred roads, but we managed.

 If I could have my life over ….?  Come off it, little ones, this old guy doesn’t want it.  It has been a good life with all the ups and downs.  We handled shortages and complications our way; you go right ahead and handle your times.  Just remember, we are way past forty but you still have to get there.

 Is this to be continued?  Of course, smart ass.  You will know that too one day: at least I hope you will, but you have to get there first.  You have to find a way to live with one percent of the people living it up with two and one half million smackers a year while the guy working the orchards or sweeping the road gets by at one thousand per month without killing you.  We didn’t have that in our day either, so perhaps I am the one to shut up.

 How can you live with a conscience if this appears in the local press?

 Is this leading us to the old African cliché that “for the lion to feed, something has to die?”

 Don’t cry for the Beloved Country; cry for thee and the children yet to be born to thee.

5 Responses to “Billions of Road Markers on Life’s Journey”

  1. JP Says:

    “If I could have my life over ….? Come off it, little ones, this old guy doesn’t want it. It has been a good life with all the ups and downs. We handled shortages and complications our way; you go right ahead and handle your times. Just remember, we are way past forty but you still have to get there.”

    “Is this to be continued? Of course, smart ass”

    Just think, if you had been born in Hawaii, you could have been a USA President. 🙂

    Right On Ike!

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi JP

      Thanks old Friend. Well, I might have been a movie star or hooked on dope. The Bama’s father was just 4 years my senior, you know.

      You want an early maybe altogether of the mark prediction? You better, because I am going to let rip with a wild one.

      The Bama has his eye on a career in Hollywood after the White House.


      • JP Says:

        Oh My!

        Can just see it now. Permanent acting role being the always slave, eh? lol.

  2. Ike Jakson Says:


    The Bama is a weird guy; best way to sum him up is that he remains an enigma; nobody knows who he is but he cannot live without surrounded by worshippers of his personage. He is really weird; but he must go at some stage and the World must go on. You guys must bite the bullet and hope the time goes fast.

    Ike J

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