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This is the penultimate in my serious on what went before 2010. The next and final one will take a brief look at what the future may hold.

The previous century was a first in everything no matter how you look at it but what is called the history of it can be described in a few words: a monumental misrepresentation of the truth and a cozy reflection of the myths that we live by.

In America Kennedy won on his promise to send a man to the moon and we are still tinkering with space exploration while our precious earth, the only place for mankind in the universe is being destroyed by Freedom. In many of the newly free Nations every crook and shyster is free of responsibility for his own life. The moral codes of life before have disappeared.

Governments have been taken over by money and the super rich; ordinary people have to eat Freedom.

In Africa we have gone the extra mile to stretch the imagination to breaking point but it keeps the World happy, except the ongoing revolution between old and new factions. The typical African State is still run by the traditional Leader but he now wears a business suite and flies in a luxury jet plane all over the World and they call it a Democracy to satisfy Jimmy Carter and his ilk. The poor still suffer [they are actually getting poorer and suffer more, but that’s OK] because they still vote the ways their forefathers did; the headman takes all.

America, never a war mongering Nation in the past is now fueling discontent all over the World in fear of a new Russia and in the years since 2005 or thereabouts a real fear of the economic power of an emerging China.

America is still in the arms race, supplying half of the World’s terrorists with killing material because there is money in making the stuff. Hence in the previous fifty years after Korea they shot up Vietnam, Libya, and Egypt and sold the killing stuff to everyone of the competing factions in the Gulf Region to make money.

The latter commodity has virtually ceased to exist. Most countries are now saving some trees by transferring what is called money to entries on computer chips. Hence countries are printing fewer notes, just for the poor to make them continue believing that there is still money. Big money, drug money and wise money are on computer chips and untraceable to investigative authorities. International Balance of Trade payments are now handled by Forex, in itself a money laundering business but with huge profits to the few in charge of the scam. Gold has lost its luster and diamonds, precious gem stones and cultured pearls are now hobby material for film stars and jewelry nuts.

Law and order are still practiced in Russia, China, some Gulf States and Australia [so there is still some hope] but has gone in America and most of Africa What it could have been in America if the two Kennedy brothers had full opportunity to install their brand of Liberalism gone awry is fortunately impossible to say. Thank Heavens above their influence was short-lived though Carter tried his best when America made the stupid mistake of removing Nixon. Why Nixon had decided to burglar Watergate remains a mystery to me. Perhaps he thought of Chicago 1968 and Vietnam. Either way he stopped anarchy at Pen State before he was forced out of Office early in the seventies and his visit to China paved the way for a sane policy with that mighty land.

Time to conclude on America and to get to Africa in this my final Post on the matter; a Land I always loved, America, and still do, but Americans just don’t understand Africa or most of the World. You still tried under Reagan and had a chance under George W but you screwed it up with Carter, Clinton and, finally, with the Bama. There is only one hope for America; to go back to what you believed when you first started up. You will have to preserve that life and get out of the rest of the World; you will have to get rid of your obsessive fear of Islam and Communism; the latter was never a threat to America though it did present a military threat for a short while but even that only in the eyes of Americans. Communism has long been a spent force; the Russians know it and are now taking over old genuine good Capitalism. Please for your own sake forget about the “supposed” oil price disaster on Russia as the year of 2014 is winding down to its end. Oil prices will always yo-yo up and down, countries will adapt or die, boundaries between countries may fade or change but oil and coal will remain the main energy sources as long as this Globe and the Universe will be there, and that is forever; it was meant to be that way and Man cannot change that even if he tries. Drop the space exploration crap; man is earthbound and will have to find his salvation for soul and body on earth. The Universe will not change [it is too perfect to have to; just accept that].

You have always been a caring Nation, America. Stick to that [or go back and find where you went off the track; get back on it], protect you borders and your cities, get out of armed conflict in the rest of the World. Let the other countries do their share for a change.

Back to Africa with what as far as I know has never been published before.

By the year 1910 America’s only point of connection with Africa was in the slave trade of a few centuries past. Slavery is a moot point and will remain a sensitive one for years to come. There is an effort to rewrite the history on slavery but even in that the point of departure is deliberately obscured because it is a political issue. The truth is that there is no recorded evidence of how and by whom the slave got down to the North East Coast of Africa to board the ships for America and some other countries. Only one point is certain [but that is not mentioned] and that is that the slaves were not captured by white men. African Americans and African Slave descendants in other countries will have to come to terms with this basic truth or just fume around the mouth and continue to make as much noise as they can, all to no avail.

The other point that ‘Westerners” and others don’t seem to understand is that Africa, though one contiguous continent consists of two separate parts, distinctly different and almost two Worlds apart: firstly northernmost Africa, mostly Muslim but not to be confused with Islamic “Arabia” and, secondly the rest of Africa for the greatest part, what would be called Black Africa. Of the former Egypt should be mentioned, not to exclude the other few, merely as a point of reference to emphasize the distinction from Black Africa. Egypt is an old country; her history is intermingled with Israel; one can truly say that these two are the oldest countries in the World. America made a sad mistake and an utter hash of it under the Bama to side with the terrorist factions in ousting the previous Egyptian President in 2013. Egypt will remember that and I hope that they will forgive America; they will never forgive the Bama.

That said, let’s go to Africa, the part excluding Egypt and her family nations along the Mediterranean, and let it be for another post.

To be continued…..


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