Days, weeks and Centuries with a short Interlude Today Sunday, January 04, 2015

Good morning, World.

I looked at the date just a few minutes ago and it clicked in the old grey matter upstairs.

When we were in our middle teen’s one of our school teachers, I think it was, referred to the generation gap and then with a smile said, “on the other hand it is written that the great Philosopher Aristotle talked about the problems of the youth in his time.”

Years later in about 1985 James Michener, in my eyes one of the greatest sages our World produced, cautioned about too much criticism of the youth when he said “we must remember they are all we have to work with for the ensuing and the next generation” and it sounded like good advice.

Most people in research use 25 years as a measure of one generation and I follow the principle in my research of humanity; thus this year, this day in fact, we are at the point where the babies born in 1990 will “come of age” and a new generation is being born. The young wife of our son made me a grandfather for the first time on Christmas day 2014.

Just 25 years ago the Internet was in its infancy; it was still mainly used for email and direct access through fixed-line telephones as contact between branch offices of large corporations [and the military, I believe] and there was very little else at the time.

Within one generation the Internet took over to run World Finance and just about everything else; the human mind lost control to the machine.

And some would have it that we are only at the beginning.

Do we have the human will or the power to regain control of our lives? We may have to work on that real fast.


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