Velocity Trade High Priority Alert to be on the lookout for Ponzi Trading in Unregulated Derivatives

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Now read this. The South African public has just had enough; they are now taking action on rogue suppliers and illegitimate banking practices.

Velocity Trade is based in Toronto Canada and I am now emailing them. A good friend of mine emailed the local Velocity office with all the previously unanswered questions and was promised a reply from local Director, fellow named Dan Carter. Instead a lady he has never heard of was obviously called in and instructed to pen some nonsense in an email to see whether they could force the enquiry to die. Dan Carter is remaining MUM. Google on his name under Velocity and have a laugh.

For how long must Mister Citizen endure the malpractices of the large International Rogue Conglomerates? Velocity Trade knows full well they are dealing in unregulated securities [what a use for the word?] in order to escape scrutiny by the South African Financial Services Board and the Revenue Authorities.

Don’t part with your money to them; they are experts in making it disappear.

Our JSE is fast becoming the international hub for money laundering.

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