Cycles and/or Circles in the Affairs of Nations and Countries

I have wanted to say this for many years but the ignition to fire just never worked until something in another Blog comment ignited a flare.  It jumped out of the keyboard after that and I originally posted it as a comment in various Blogs.  Few comment reactions appeared on it but I did take some flack when I first posted it in a UK Blog.  You have the pleasure now; I don’t quite know where it is going but I hope it contributes to the debate on hand and to a solution somewhere.


The fortunes, the rise and fall, the good and the bad of Nations, Countries and Dynasties happen in cycles.  Sometimes one can pick up the start of a cycle or it’s end quite clearly; at other times one cycle [or a circle] goes into another [sometimes seemingly a never ending] circle.


Let me handle the latter first and get done with it.  Africa has been running in cycles of turmoil and one upheaval after the other.  Apart from the Colonial cycle they just never made it, with the exception of old Egypt where they had their moment of glory once and have since stabilized.  The rest moves from one circle to the next.  Some could have made it but never did; most just never had a chance because they didn’t want it.


Similarly, though not exactly identical, the World knows about other old empires [the Turks had their time, Greece had their moments of glory; there are many, suffices not to have to mention more] because as a start I want to concentrate on what is generally described as Western Civilization.  Again though, I want to mention only a very few to limit the actual discussion to America and the United Kingdom.


Almost all “Western Countries and Nations” shared the Colonial Cycle in some way or another, either as the Colony or as the Colonial power.  Cycles were almost always cultural or economic [trade] or a combination of the two.  It was the two main driving forces for America; the United Kingdom developed out of their Colonial Times and the main difference with America was the right of America to trade independently.  Culturally the two nations afterwards developed in parallel streams with very little to clash; once the War for American Independence ended [having been a war for trade more than anything else] the two countries developed as natural friends more or less.


They both went through the industrial development cycles, the Wars with France and Germany and the clashes with Communism and remained natural Allies.


Then [I must cut this short for now] 1960 came along and brought in its wake a thing called Liberalism.  That in its “founding years” was not a bad thing at all.  In fact there is still nothing wrong with the original idea of Liberty; it is when it became mixed up with human rights, technology and politics that it went wrong, to become the monster it is today.


But meantime one must understand Khrushchev’s Russia, China, Japan and lately India developed without being affected by Liberalism.  It is not something that concerns them much; whatever the humanists may say, these countries are getting stronger.  Putin’s Russia is even stronger now that they have adopted capitalism and Japan is on the rise again with China going even faster.  All these countries are building their strength in Trade and Technology.  Please keep this in mind that they are also by and large homogenous Nations though one may debate the point whether India is [I will leave that for another day because it suffices for this discussion to call them homogenous, certainly to a much greater degree than America or the United Kingdom].


These and the other homogenous Nations of Scandinavia are on the rise while Liberalism as it exists today has dragged America down into a hole from which escape is becoming more difficult every day.  The United Kingdom has gone trough the same pain but they are managing it more efficiently [even seems as if they may get out of a never ending circle and actually enter a new cycle of expansion] but America has been loosing her direction.


In comes Obama [remember this is not a doctoral thesis and I am keeping it short] but in comes Obama to redefine homogeny and nationhood at a time when America is struggling to redefine her Identity, at the exact time when the great homogenous Nations I have mentioned are rising.


America’s obsession with Liberal Ideology, and its acceleration by Obama may lead to her doom.


I hate to say this because my heart goes out for the 46% who voted with their heads and hearts in the right place but that is where the decision has to be made.


Communism never got off the ground in America [it eventually also fell in Russia and China for the very same reason] because it was an outdated ideology before it started and Americans just never fancied the idea of Social [commercial or economic] Communism.  In fact today even the idea of military Communism is pretty much something to laugh off; when Communism failed economically it also failed for military purposes.


But Liberalism became what some new scholars call Liberanarchism and this is the risk America does not even seem to grasp.


On that I will leave it for today but along with my respect and admiration for American tradition and my heartfelt abiding love for the 46%, I have to add that America must start to face the fact that it does not any longer occupy the Number One Leadership position in the World, nor can Obama assume He is now the Most Powerful Person in the World.  He is not!  China and Japan won’t laugh in his face [they do things quietly with stealth and certainty] but the mad Arab and the African tyrant will do the laughing; they are that way inclined.


The homogenous Nations are on the rise, in economic terms and moral fiber [whether American Liberals squeal about human rights abuses in China or not] [Liberty does mean equality but Liberty eventually goes by the wayside if equality does not go hand in hand with equal responsibility] and these Nations will assume [and share] the Leadership role between them.  America is falling apart at the seams; the great cycle has ended.  Well, it really ended when Liberalism took over in 1960 but it managed to survive [through two people named Bush and one named Reagan, and one named Nixon] [don’t ever forget the last one] but it has now ended.


Others have fallen too [that is not new] and many have picked themselves up by the bootstraps to rise again.  Others who were defeated in War remained unvanquished and fought again and won.  Some have fallen through moral decay [someone else once said the Roman Empire sodomized and whored themselves out of an Empire] but I know of no other great Nation, Country or Dynasty that just threw it away for the ego of One Man.  It is hard to understand why America wanted to be the first to do so.


And just last week North Korea told the World what America could do.  They didn’t bother to use words, language or speeches.  Firing a rocket over Japan was the same and much more forcibly [and very clearly] expressed than any words: America, go jump in the Lake.


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