Compulsory Reading for the Hillbillies and Obamaha

Let me explain the headline because this Post itself will be very short.

 My reference to the Hillbillies and Obamaha obviously means Hillary and Bill Clinton and their erstwhile O for Opponent but now new loves for all.  That’s it.

 The important thing in this Post is the link that follows.  I almost followed my notion to call the Post Compulsory Reading for the American Democratic Party because no Democratic Administration in America since and including Kennedy has had the slightest understanding of what Africa is.

 The link is important because it was written right on the spot by people who understand.  The news have gone around the Globe a number of times by now.

 Read this one out of the horse’s mouth though, for one reason.  For a second reason read a South African comment [I think it is comment #75 or near there.]  I give you a gist of the feeling from an unedited version of the comment.  Here is the link:

 And here is the unedited verbatim Comment about Dear Hillary:

 Hillary Clinton recently visit SA to dissuade us from backing China and Russia, we sent the evil monster packing – and now western media will try to demonize SA like they do with President Assad. I am a white south african who fully support the stance of the black government and police against thugs who arrived armed to the teeth at protests.
Such people are not peaceful protesers!
What does the west want to do? Back a few more terrorists and thugs and blame a government who is restoring the peace?

Russia and China has a moral high ground over the west these days, sadly we have to rather support them than the US who is twisting the truth of events to suit its own agenda.
USA people are great but your elite are sick control freaks on a collision course with the rest of the free world.”

 You be the Judge.

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11 Responses to “Compulsory Reading for the Hillbillies and Obamaha”

  1. elcampeador Says:

    Reblogged this on et cetera* and commented:
    Right On, My Friend. Right On!

  2. nolanimrod Says:

    I don’t get it.

    There was a strike at a mine.
    Some of the strikers showed up with guns instead of placards.
    The strikers shot some cops.
    The cops shot some strikers.
    Somewhere along the line Hillary Clinton gave a speech


    • Ike Jakson Says:


      The punch line in and about the entire Post is to b e found in that Blogger’s Comment that I quote verbatim in the Post; it was meant as sarcasm to Hillary who thinks that Africa will crawl at her feet. Read the words of the Comment.

      Post it in America! Haha

      • nolanimrod Says:

        Ah, Hillary. First Hillary, then … on to the comment!

        I have found a sincere fondness for her in my heart. I used to think her an insufferable feminist bitch but then I understood she was originally a person trying to appease a demanding father and in trying to escape him she was snagged by a black hole of need and ambition, the indefatigable trailer-trash known as William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.

        When she started crying at a diner in Pennsylvania during the primary contest with Obama that was her. When she had a genuine smile on her face doing shots and beers during that same campaign, that was her.

        I think she genuinely wants to do some good and at her age she would probably be happy being chair of the local garden club and hosting the Special Olympics. She is at an age where she should be able to rest on her laurels but she can’t so she is tied to a lunatic whose foreign policy is ruining what is left of “The West” and she can’t get off the buds because she is in love with a guy who won’t let her. So she says what he tells her to even though she has to know that it’s wrong for the U.S. and wrong for what’s left of “The West.”

        As for South Africa, not to long ago south Africa had the strongest economy and the strongest military in Africa. If you guys insist on Umshini Wam-ing your way into poverty, hunger, disease, chaos, and irrelevance then go for it. blaming Hillary is like Barack Obama blaming George W. Bush for his crazed incompetence.

        That dog won’t hunt.

      • Ike Jakson Says:


        I tell you in all seriousness that I have never anywhere read a summary of Hillary that is even close to what I have just read in your comment. You echo my own views about her and Billy; perhaps only on the latter my views are not so flattering.

        As for our country, we will go the way we want to go; they can’t understand that it is the wrong say and I have given up on advising them to change their ways.

        BTW, and of course nobody could have written what you have submitted any better than you, you fine ole guy.

      • nolanimrod Says:

        If there are a few more like you in Safrica (preferably newer editions) there is (are?) grounds for optimism.

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Nimrod my Friend

        The feeling is 100% plus mutual. Knowing that you and quite a few others are there gives me hope for America.

      • Ike Jakson Says:


        I am rather proud of this and have it in the back of my mind to Post it direct at WordPress too in my Blog. I got 250 reads on it in the first day.

        If you want to drop a comment in there I won’t object. It is also a WordPress base but Comments must be routed via Facebook with the result that Comments are few; but you get the reads for the right stuff.

        And it is a very civilized Site, well managed and highly informative on Finance.

      • nolanimrod Says:

        Ike – the permissions they wanted for me to post I haven’t previously given anybody (especially the “Post on your behalf” part) but as you vouched for them I went along with it.

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Hi Nimrod

        I remember talking about it and it’s OK with me. Where do we stand now? What do we do? In particular, what must I now do?

        I know what I gotta do here [as little as possible] but I doubt whether I can assist to get the Bama out on your side because I can’t vote there.

        Let me know.

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